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Towards a New Belgian Company Code
droit immobilier et construction • 30/06/2016

Belgian corporate law is envisaging a new challenge: a new company code will be launched. The objective is to render Belgian company law more attractive for Belgian and foreign entrepreneurs conducting business in- and outside Belgian territory by only retaining four legal forms: the partnership, the private limited liability company, the public limited liability company and the co-operative company with limited liability.  The intentions are ambitious and the new Company code strives to more simplification, flexibility, abolition of outdated rules and types of companies and a strong supplementary law.

The European Commission proposes new e-commerce rules to help consumers and companies reach full benefit of Single Market.
droit immobilier et construction • 30/06/2016

On 25 May 2016, the European Commission has presented a package of measures to allow consumers and companies to buy and sell products and services online more easily and confidently across the European Union. Hereby, you will find an overview of these legislative proposals.

Emmanuel Wauters @ Seminar “De Juristendagen” - August 2016
droit immobilier et construction • 13/06/2016

On 23, 25 and 30 August 2016, M&D Seminars organizes, in collaboration with Kluwer, the 9th edition of the “Juristendagen”.

Unemployed people in ‘cohousing’ have the right to unemployment benefits as 'singles'
droit immobilier et construction • 03/11/2015

Last week, Sita Vanbinst received broad press coverage. She authored an article in The Juristenkrant, a Belgian legal journal, on the unemployment benefits of a cohabitant in a cohousing.

Press Coverage for Bénédicte Losdyck
droit immobilier et construction • 19/10/2015

Over the past weeks, Bénédicte Losdyck has received press coverage at several instances.  She co-authored an article in Trends-Tendances on wifi tracking of customer in commercial stores.

Self-employed workers vs. employees in Belgium: risks and tips
droit immobilier et construction • 07/10/2015

In Belgium, a professional collaboration between a company and individuals can be set up either through an employment contract or a contract for self-employed. The differences are important and choosing one or antoher create risks that one must well understand and mitigate

Seminar “collaboration agreements” @ Universiteit Antwerpen - 11/12/2015
droit immobilier et construction • 06/10/2015

On 11 December 2015, Emmanuel Wauters will be speaking at the University of Antwerp (Center for Professionalization in Law).

Seminars on posting of employees & temporary workers @ Legi-Law, 2/10/2015
droit immobilier et construction • 01/10/2015

On 2 October 2015, Emmanuel Wauters will give two seminars on the legislation on “posting of employees” and “temporary work”, which has undergone in-depth modifications during the last 2-3 years.

News from the Belgian legal landscape: a new law firm is launched under the name Crosslaw.
droit immobilier et construction • 21/09/2015

Brussels, September 21th, 2015 – Today’s lawyers must adapt themselves, listen to their clients and offer them tailor-made solutions.