Mergers and Acquisitions

crosslaw has a strong experience in local and international M&A transactions, assisting on buyer’s, seller’s and lender’s side.

With a focus on risk minimization and with a pragmatic and cost-efficient approach, we are your partner to help you closing the deal. We stand by your side from the initial commercial discussions, through the due diligence process to the final negotiations, all steps in this process being covered with rock solid legal documentation. But that’s not where our services end. After a successful acquisition, we remain by your side for post-closing operations. From acquisition to fully-fledged integration, we have got you covered.

M&A requires the involvement of many legal specialties. Therefore we cross bridges between enthusiastic attorneys that are all experts in their respective legal domains. For international transactions we have of course strong alliances with the best foreign law firms.


Acquiring a company is the fastest way to grow. Together with your financial advisors and you, we determine which type of transaction is best for you in order to minimize risks and to create optimal added value: share deal, asset deal or complex transactions.  

Merger and integration

 There are plenty reasons why companies consider to merge: the last step after a successful acquisition, efficiency and synergy, industry consolidation, etc. Merging offers great opportunities if the companies involved are legally healthy, so that there is no risk of infecting a healthy company with the latent liabilities of its merging partner. We are there to perform the legal risk assessments and to guide you through the complex regulations while you can keep focusing on your daily business.

Joint venture

 It happens that a commercial cooperation feels so natural that parties consider a durable and more permanent relationship but at the same time want to keep their own identity, strategy and activity. The joint-venture, often considered as the “co-habitation before marriage”, is a strong and reliable tool for co-development of businesses without the permanent consequences of a merger. It is also the perfect vehicle for major, but short term projects. We assist you with the incorporation of the joint venture, the drafting and negotiation of the shareholders’ agreement and all other legal challenges involved.

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