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Our experienced lawyers cross bridges between specialties, generations and cultures to solve the legal issues of economic players.


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Our Disciplines

How we can help you


All our lawyers are specialists in their domain. We provide accurate and practical legal advice, without losing sight of your concrete business goals


With tons of clauses and an appetite for the details, we turn your understandings into clear, precise and enforceable agreements. 

Corporate Housekeeping

We streamline recurring processes to enhance their efficiency and ensure compliance at constant quality. 

Legal Projects

We can stand -literally- by your side when you need it most. We lead legal projects, provide high-profile temporary staffing or manage any legal crisis. 

Litigation and Arbitration

When disputes cannot be prevented or resolved amicably, we represent your interests before courts and arbitration tribunals.

Mediation and ADR

We will guide you through negotiation, mediation or other means of alternative dispute resolution, to avoid legal procedures where possible. 


New business relationships?  Disputes to settle? We combine our legal expertise with an extensive understanding of your business sectors to secure your interests.


We like sharing. Our lawyers frequently participate in conferences and seminars. And there is more: we can help you with tailor-made in-house legal education. 

Who we are

Jannick Everaerdt
Jannick Everaerdt
Jean-Paul Van Neste
Jean-Paul Van Neste
Heidi Vanluchene
Senior Associate

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There are no vacancies at the moment, but we're always on the lookout for new talent!

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