Commercial Law

Commercial law deals with all activities of tradesmen and applies to all commercial activities. It is based on national and community legislation, international treaties and even trade practices and it is essential for the realization of any entrepreneurial activity.

The lawyers in our commercial law practice group provide commercial contract support for in-house legal teams and also handle high level projects and contract management for companies across sectors. The team has commercial lawyers who will seek to draft commercial agreements with the precision they require, covering multiple jurisdictions, structuring and documenting relationships with suppliers, customers, distributors, main contractors, etc.

The commercial law team will moreover provide its clients with sound advice in all commercial matters including agency and distribution, franchising, international trade and transport, product liability, insolvency, judicial reorganization, subcontracting agreements, construction law and real estate transactions.

Within the commercial law team, the litigation specialist represents the clients in numerous areas with local litigation, cross border multi-jurisdictional disputes and national as well as international arbitration.

Commercial Contracts

Commercial Litigation

Distribution Law and Competition Law

Distribution Agreements, Concessions and Agency Agreements

Business Reorganization and Restructuring

Composition Procedures

Debt Collection

Insolvency Law

Bankruptcy and Liquidation


Dispute Resolution

Subcontracting, lease and real estate transactions

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